Sacred Cups

Coffee isn’t just a delivery system
for caffeine but instead a daily ritual that grounds the body, soothes the soul and ignites
the Hero’s journey.

Regeneratively Grown
Organic Coffee

Good for Body, Soul, Farmers & Planet.

From Jungle to Cup

Sacred Flavors from Ancient Lands

We Make Coffee the Sacred Way.

We respect coffee. We honor coffee. We hold coffee as sacred and dear. It is a gift from Nature.




We Believe

Plants are Medicine

Our goal is to return coffee to how it was done in ancient times. A time before pesticides and industrialized farming. A time when the soil was: rich, dense, full of nutrients. We want to return to a time when the symbiotic relationship between Mother Nature, her creatures, her plants and her people were all working together. A time when the wisdom and intelligence of plants was revered, respected and ritualized. A time when plants were medicine.


Selected and Tested for Quality

Traditionally grown with regenerative organic practices, our coffee is specialty-grade and hand picked.

Focused on and roasted for health

Tested free of mycotoxins and contaminants and roasted to optimize antioxidants.

Women Run Business

Sacred Cups is a women-owned company dedicated to supporting women and indigenous farmers, fostering equality, and making a positive impact on their lives.



This incredible coffee is hard to describe. It is soft, balanced and bright. The ‘incredible’ comes from the vibration you feel drinking this beautiful brew. It isn’t related to caffeine. It is an energy. I highly recommend trying a cup in order to understand. Amazing!

Collete Peta

Sacred Cups has become one of my favorite ways to start the day. The taste is clean, with a beautiful blend of bright and warm flavors. The soothing energy from the blessings it has received seems to create a calm, morning experience. This is true craftsmanship!

Mark King

It has truly become my first and favorite ritual, setting the tone for a day filled with intention and mindfulness. Thank you for creating such a beautifully crafted and meaningful product. I highly recommend Sacred Cups coffee to anyone looking to add more intention into their daily routine and deepen their connection to nature. Give it a try and let it become a part of your own personal ritual. You won't regret it!

Trevor Foy

Sacred Cups coffee is absolutey INCREDIBLE. But it is more than just a coffee. I love the mission of Sacred Cups to teach the connection, ritual, and intention with coffee. As well as sharing the stories of the indigenous farms! My morning routine since bringing in Sacred Cups has been so much sweeter and intentional. HIGHLY recommend!!

Katie McKnight

Founder, Amber Salisbury

Amber Salisbury is an IMAGO faciliator, end of life doula, and celebrant. 

In 2017, her husband Andrew Salisbury and her launched a coffee company, Purity Coffee, that was all about health and nurturing the body.

Sacred Cups is the newest coffee company all about ritual, ceremony, and nurturing the soul through the Sacredness of coffee. While Purity Coffee emphasizes science, Sacred Cups, guided by Amber's background as a celebrant, offers a spiritual connection to coffee. It's a relationship between the elements and coffee — earth, fire, water, and air — engaging all senses in a unique alchemical process.

From aroma to taste, each step of the coffee's journey is considered a sacred stage, inviting consumers to partake in a ritual connecting with ancient traditions.

We Demonstrate

A Love & Reverence for Mother Nature

Through regenerative farming, we know that coffee production can be good for the environment. Our beliefs, however, extend far beyond conventional sustainable practices by fostering the ancient traditions of farming which involve actively improving the land and leaving it in a better state for future generations. Our partners’ regenerative farming practices support soil health, biodiversity conservation, water management, carbon sequestration, and farm resilience.

Opening your day the sacred way

You Will Feel a Difference

Sacred Cups coffee goes beyond taste and leaves you with an extraordinary sense of connection. Prepare to immerse yourself in a unique, beautiful, and conscious coffee that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our regeneratively grown organic specialty-grade coffee guarantees a transcendent brew that preserves exceptionally high antioxidant levels. Once you take a sip, you'll notice a remarkable difference not only in flavor but also in how it nourishes your soul.

We Believe In

The Power of Connection

Nature gave us gifts to make the human experience a little easier and a little sweeter. We reach for these gifts when life is difficult or to be celebrated .We reach for these gifts when we are wanting to feel connected.