Our Story


I am honored to bring Sacred Cups into the world.

All that I have done in my professional and personal life positions me to deliver this product and message. My early studies in Anthropology (studies of people past), my degrees in Psychology (studies of the individual), and Sociology (studies of groups) have all given me a deep understanding and appreciation for humans and human behavior.

My decade with Tony Robbins gave me a deep understanding of personal power, human drive, and overcoming limitations.

My career as a love coach and an Imago therapy facilitator has given me the ability to help people find, keep and deepen love.

Through my celebrant career, I fell in love with the Hero’s Journey and all the rites of passage that we go through as human beings. I learned how to facilitate, punctuate and honor these important life moments through ritual and ceremony.

My End of Life Doula career taught me even more about the Hero’s Journey, the final rite of passage (death), and the burning human desire to leave a legacy, to have mattered, to have loved deeply.

Through Purity Coffee, I have learned about the undeniable health benefits of coffee.

I am definitely a Sacred Cups Devotee. I see coffee as a sacred gift given to us by nature. This gift fuels us on our journey and helps us on our way.

Will need to do some serious work on my bio - The origin story of both Purity and Sacred Cups. Weave in my work with Imago relationship therapy, my work as a Celebrant, as a grief coach, a love coach and an End Of Life Doula.

My study of all things Sacred. 20 years of training with Denise.

My study of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey.

My study of all the rites of passage of a human being’s life - the rites’ importance and their need to be acknowledged, honored, and celebrated.

My studies/Training with indigenous people.